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We support students, graduates and alumni of Speed School, and employers interested in hiring Speed engineers for co-op, intern, part-time and full-time positions.


Your gateway to cooperative education, international experiences and professional development.

Career Services creates a partnership that helps you explore career options, prepare for cooperative education and full-time jobs, network with employers and design your career! Whether it’s a co-op opportunity, interviewing for a job, or a career-related workshop, we offer lots of career-related programs and services to help you make the most of your job search.

Our office helps current students and alumni develop the skills necessary to make informed career decisions and plan next steps in order to achieve their career goals. The Career Development Office establishes connections and facilitates interaction among undergraduate, graduate, alumni and employers that help generate opportunities both domestically and globally so students can pursue their professional goals.

Career Services

Career Services assists engineering students and alumni with career planning, job search strategies, cooperative education, and post-graduation employment. Career Services empowers current engineering students and alumni by providing comprehensive career development services and resources to support them in securing meaningful employment opportunities.

We help students and alumni explore career paths based on their interests, skills and experience as well as their career and educational goals. Career Services prepares students and alumni for career success through resume, interview and professional etiquette coaching. We facilitate networking among students, alumni and employers to find co-ops, internships and post-graduate opportunities.

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Michael Mills
Co-op of the Year Award for Bioengineering

"While co-oping at KSCIRC, I was tasked with helping design and develop medical devices for clinical research. Some of my primary takeaways were developing critcal thinking, teamwork, and communication as well as many practical skills I would be able to use in my future career."

Cade Miller
Co-op of the Year Award for Chemical Engineering

"During my co-op, the engineers I worked with always made a point to teach me about the plant's processes and allowed me to develop and share my ideas. I had an amazing supervisor who gave me challenging but manageable projects that made me feel useful and know that I was contributing."

Jackson Grimsley
Co-op of the Year Award for Civil & Environmental Engineering

"During my co-op I learned numerous skills including communication, time management, networking, etc., that allowed me to grow in a professional environment."

Daniel Bonilla
Internship of the Year Award for B.A. in Computer Science

“During my time my project challenged me to think critically about system design principles and to meet performance and reliability requirements. Delivering a solution that exceeded expectations and was carefully crafted showcased my ability to tackle complex technical challenges."

Nicholas Frizzell
Co-op of the Year Award for Computer Science & Engineering

"One standout aspect of my co-op experience was the help and support I received from my advisors and other staff. They were always helpful and responsive to any questions I had and helped me to navigate the process, This support helped to guide me to success within my career field."

Adam Walsh
Co-op of the Year Award for Electrical Engineering

“The time I spent at my co-op provided me with insight into the reality of the workplace. You don't have to necessarily be the best at programming, calculus, or even at the top of your classes. What is important is to show a willingness to learn new concepts and ask questions."

Annah Harris
Co-op of the Year Award for Industrial Engineering

"I am grateful to APH and UofL for providing me with such an enriching experience and unique opportunity. I have learned so much while working at APH. I’ve learned to think critically. I’ve learned how to approach issues systematically."

Nick Lancaster
Co-op of the Year Award for Mechanical Engineering

"During my time at BMW Manufacturing Co., I had the opportunity to apply classroom material to real world problems. I often utilized knowledge gained from courses I took at UofL. In addition to technical knowledge, my mentor taught me the importance of work-life balance."

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Of Speed School Graduates Accept a Job Within 90 Days of Graduation

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