Spark of Curiosity

The child who needs to know how things work have the makings of a great engineer. Spark the curiosity of your child or student by enrolling him or her in one of Speed School’s outreach programs.

Speed School Outreach Programs

Engineering is an important and exciting field of study, and we want everyone — particularly kids — to know it. We offer special programming to promote engineering to local elementary and middle school students.

If your child or student is interested in an engineering career, he or she can start exploring now.

Contact Speed School Admissions & Outreach Office,  for more information.


2024 Speed School summer camp series

Camp information for 2024 to be announced soon.

Speed School camp aims to make life easier for those with disabilities

Last month, Speed School hosted high school students at the Design the Future camp.

Other Opportunities

Other camp information for 2024 to be announced soon.