Students and Alumni Seeking Employment

Prepping for Job Search


Create a Symplicity Account

If you don’t already have a Symplicity account, you should create one now at this link:

Benefits of having a Simplicity account:

  • Receive job blasts and notifications when new jobs are posted
  • Apply to job via simplicity or obtain website to apply directly to the company
  • Receive information on career events, info sessions, co-op seminar (for co-op students)

Writing A Resume:

  • Resumes and Templates
  • Details of writing resume

Cover Letters:

What is a cover letter?

A cover letter, typically no more than a page, explains the interest you have in a specific company, sort of as an introduction to your resume. It is company specific, and a good tool to explain why you want to work for that company and what you can contribute to them as an employee.

When do I need a cover letter?

Plan to provide a cover letter unless the otherwise instructed by the hiring company’s website.  Email applications must always contain a cover letter.

What should I include in a cover letter?

  • Tells the employer the type of position you’re seeking — and your credentials.
  • Highlights your experience most relevant to the position.
  • A place to display your skills, talents, and experience for the position.
  • Space to elaborate on your experiences.
  • Affords you the opportunity to show your writing skills and enthusiasm.
  • It should be short just one page, 3-4 short paragraphs.

Tips for prepping for an interview

  • Review Interview questions
  • Research the Company
  • Dress to impress
  • Arrive Early
  • Professional Behavior
  • Ask Questions

Info Sessions and Workshops

Career Development Events for Fall 2019



  • Only 10% to 20% of all job openings are advertised (
  • Contact (maybe to just ask for help)
    • Former (co-op) employers and associates
    • Former (co-op) employer competitors
    • Professors
    • Related expos and trade shows
    • Friends and relatives

Linked In (add in description and url)

Professional Associations – (add in updated list with urls)

Online Job Search Resources


Company Websites:

Different companies label their sites with various names such as:   “Careers”, “Employment”, “University”,  “University Relations”, or “College Relations”

For internships or co-op type in the job search box, type in “co-op” or “internship”


Common Job Search Sites:

It is not intended nor recommended that you register with any of the agencies listed, use for obtaining company names.


Tips on how to Research A Company

Employers expect you to know these things about their company:

  • Mission
  • Products or Services
  • General history
  • Performance (financial – how big, EPS, stock price…)
  • Leaders of our company
  • Philosophy of our company


Company Mission Financial Performance
Products – how do they make $ How big is it$ (Sales$)
History – when, how did they start? Profit (EPS)
Company leader(s) – CEO, chief technical officer Stock Price: $/share
Locations – headquarters Price/earnings ration (P/E)
Company philosophy V% (How much has it changed in 12 months)


Online Resources for Checking out a Company  – for small companies  – for all companies – especially larger companies


International Job Tips/Sources        


PhD Student Opportunities