Global Experiences


Yes, engineering students can study abroad! Our students are traveling around the world and experiencing the world outside of the classroom in places like China, Peru, London, Brazil, Spain, and South Africa.

As a matter of fact, students who study abroad gain desired cultural skills employers need in order to solve complex global engineering programs. Through partnerships with providers and institutions around the world, the JB Speed School is able to provide students in a mandatory co-op program the opportunity to participate in engineering education abroad and gain a global perspective. There are three ways students can participate: study abroad (semester), faculty-led study abroad (2-3 weeks), and internship abroad (semester). We work with several third-party providers for global experiences.

“If engineers are truly going to solve the world’s problems, they have to be aware of global issues and have the international, cultural, and communicative abilities to solve problems in different environments.” 


Study Abroad for a semester is possible in engineering. There are two options: students enrolled in the Global Engineering Track can substitute one mandatory co-op rotation for a study abroad; or, you can also choose to study abroad as an additional semester during any term where it fits into your flight plan. Plan your study abroad semester with your Academic Advisor. There are many study abroad options depending on location and major.


Faculty-led Study Abroad provides a shorter experience for students who want the global exposure but don’t want to commit to an entire semester abroad. Short-term study abroad are one- to two-week focused courses run by faculty members with in-country experiences during term breaks. Some recent offerings include a cultural and business site visit to Shanghai, China; and an irrigation high-altitude water-based project Calca, Peru.

Engineering on a global scale

“The business visits allowed me to see a great amount of what goes into engineering in the Chinese industry… a deeper look into the history and culture behind Shanghai and China.”


Students enrolled in the Global Engineering Track can substitute one mandatory co-op rotation for an international internship; you can also secure an international internship with your co-op employer if it is an option.  Plan your international internship semester with your Academic Advisor and with the Global Engineering Track Advisor. Keep in mind that international internships are usually unpaid but provide a wealth of experience abroad. Third-party providers such IES Abroad or IAESTE can provide assistance in finding international internships.


Students in the Global Engineering Track can participate in either a semester long study abroad or an international internship. The track emphasizes four areas towards developing intercultural knowledge in global engineering: curricular, co-curricular, experiential education, and critical reflection. Learn more about the Global Engineering Track


A word on costs and scholarships: students pay the same in tuition for study abroad as they do here at the University of Louisville. Any tuition reductions, financial aid, and scholarships you receive stateside will “travel” with you. The International Center is well-prepared to give you a breakdown on what you can expect to spend.

A Dean’s Scholarship for Global Experiences is available based on need. Because engineering students are normally underrepresented among study abroad students, there may be University sponsored scholarships through the International Center.  Below are links to potential study abroad funding: