Employers and Industry Partners

Why Hire UofL Students?

For nearly 90 years, the University of Louisville’s J.B. Speed School of Engineering has been one of the top choices in the country for an advanced technical education. By combining on-the-job training through a required co-op program and thorough classroom curriculum, J.B. Speed School of Engineering is a leader in engineering education. Our Students co-op with the same company for all three co-op rotations. This insures that each rotation your co-op employees will be more experienced in your company than they were in the last rotation.

Interested in hiring a Speed School Co-op student or graduate for employment?

Students normally co-op with the same employer for the three alternating semesters and there is neither a contract for the employer nor a fee to participate. The employer’s role is to:

  • Interview Co-op candidates and select a student.
  • Provide full-time work that is relevant to the student’s major, appropriate for the level of student, and appropriate for a semester time period.
  • Provide increasingly challenging work assignments over the course of the three co-ops.
  • Identify an engineering supervisor willing and able to mentor the student.
  • Provide a competitive hourly wage (amount set by employer).
  • Complete a short performance evaluation of the student’s performance.
  • Review the student’s Co-op report.

The Career Develop and Co-operative Education Office will help through the co-op hiring process by providing candidate resumes, setting up interview schedules, and assisting with all logistical needs.

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Career Fairs

The Career Fair is also a great time to find students that are the right fit for your company. We have a Career Fair every fall and every spring, and there will be a multitude of students looking for the opportunity to gain a full-time position with a company.

We run the Career Fair with careful consideration to ensure the best experience for our students and employer partners. Our priority is to match the available space with the supply and demand for open positions. We want to create a tailored and effective event, which is why we may focus on specialized activities rather than larger, general ones. We deeply value our incredible employer partners and genuinely welcome your feedback. Please know that the decisions we make are not taken lightly, and we are committed to making this fair a successful and rewarding experience for everyone involved.

There are other avenues of connecting with our students. Please contact Amy Harrison to learn more about these specific opportunities.