Is It Getting Hot In Here?

3D printing metal components is the HOTTEST thing in additive manufacturing. Using lasers to melt powdered metal gives us the ability to create metal structures only before imagined.


Additive Manufacturing Institute of Science and Technology

Additive Manufacturing Institute of Science and Technology (AMIST) conducts and supports research and education in additive manufacturing (3D printing) and related digital technologies in a transdisciplinary collaborative environment including such fields as engineering, dentistry and medicine for innovation empowering and workforce development. AMIST aims to become a leading hub for collaborative research and education in additive manufacturing and related digital technologies that transform product development and innovation through scientific and engineering knowledge.

Current initiatives include:

  • Fabrication of medical and dental devices
  • Human tissues and organs for clinical therapeutics
  • In-vitro drug testing using 3D bioprinting technologies
  • Laser and e-beam powder bed processes for metals, plastics, and ceramics

Contact: Dr. Kevin Chou, Director
(502) 852-2509


PhDs among our faculty and staff


Courses offered at Speed School that are specific to additive manufacturing

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Our Faculty

"Additive Manufacturing, or 3D Printing, offers tremendous opportunities for process and product innovations with a great impact to the industry and the society, and we educate our students and train professionals from the industry to do just that."

Kevin Chou, Director

Capability Laser Powder-bed Fusion System

AMIST’s Core Facility consists of not only a wide array of machine platforms to fabricate metal, polymer and ceramic parts, but also houses unique testing and characterization equipment to research additive manufacturing materials, processes and parts.

Professional Training

The AMIST Training Facility offers advanced training for AM professionals. The AMIST Training Facility is a fully equipped learning laboratory that includes the latest AM technologies, machining, metrology and powder handling systems.