Our world is changing at the atomic and molecular levels, and engineering students are making it happen. Through micro/nanotechnology, dramatic changes are occurring all around us, in seemingly imperceptible ways. Our research is contributing to the fight against cancer and infectious diseases, to the search for greener energy, and to computers that are cheaper, faster, and more powerful. Employers in every industry are taking notice and looking for experts to gain a competitive advantage as the world gets smaller.


Square footage of the clean room available to students in the Shumaker Research Building

Student Story

“The small size, the mechanism, the intriguing design and exquisite structures took my heart. This field is very active and there are new developments everyday. I’m excited about it.” - Ruoshi Zhang


The Micro/Nano Technology Center (MNTC) encompasses a Class 100/1000, $30-million, 10,000 ft2 cleanroom and the Huson Imaging and Characterization Laboratory (HICL) supporting micro/nanotechnology, microelectronics, advanced materials, biotechnology and MEMS.

Faculty Story

“Miniaturization enables innovation. Our technical world is shrinking as we continue to make things that are smaller, faster, cheaper but with enhanced functionality. It is vital that our next generation of students be trained to take advantage of this shrinking technology.”

Dr. Kevin Walsh
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