Biomedical Applications & Devices

From diagnostics to application, engineers are rapidly becoming essential partners in finding solutions for our greatest medical challenges. Our research is contributing to earlier and more reliable detection of cancers and infectious diseases, targeted drug delivery, and increasing the survival of donor organs. Research in this area bridges the gap between medical discoveries and saving lives by creating the diagnostic tools and delivery devices that increases the efficacy of a patient’s treatment.


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Student Story

“The small size, the mechanism, the intriguing design and exquisite structures took my heart. This field is very active and there are new developments everyday. I’m excited about it.” - Ruoshi Zhang

Facility Biomeasurements and Bioinstrumentation Laboratory

The Biomeasurements and Bioinstrumentation Laboratory is equipped with PC workstations, digital multimeters, benchtop oscilloscopes, patient simulators, Keithly 2400 sourcemeters, and other equipment.

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