Hermann Frieboes

Associate Professor

The goal of Dr. Frieboes' work is to apply physical sciences and engineering principles to better understand disease progression and treatment response. A main interest of this effort has been to dramatically improve cancer treatment outcomes: Dr. Frieboes' doctoral and post-doctoral work in biomedical engineering has focused on the interdisciplinary development and implementation of experimental biology, mathematical modeling, and computational simulation techniques that can be quantitatively integrated to characterize cancer growth and treatment response. As a faculty member in Bioengineering, ongoing projects in his laboratories include analysis and prediction of solid tumor progression, vascularization, and response as a function of microenvironmental characteristics and novel therapy modalities, including nanovectors and probes optimized to overcome transport barriers in the tumor microenvironment. In previous experience as an engineer in industry, Dr. Frieboes acquired knowledge and practice in system design and product development, theory and algorithms, software, and project/personnel management.


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