Timothy Reilly Named 2017 Speed Alumni Fellow

A Louisville native with over 30 years of experience in industry, Tim Reilly has dedicated his career in service to innovative technologies that help connect communities. Tim graduated with a BA in Electrical Engineering from the J.B. Speed School in the winter of 1984, returning to complete his MA during December of 1986. After his education, Tim worked as a software engineer for Motorola in Florida, where he worked on early connectivity issues for radio devices, the precursor to cellular technology. He parlayed that experience into a brief stint at Sun Electronics as a Senior Software Engineer in 1990, before returning to Motorola in 1994 as a Lead Software Engineer.

As his experience grew, so did his ambition, returning to Louisville in 1994 as a Senior Software Engineer at Innovative Electronic Designs. Staying in Louisville since, Tim went on to found Stonestreet One, Inc., where he served as President, CTO, and CEO until September 2014. There, Tim helped develop roadmap technology, while balancing his work as an administrator and project manager for the business. Most recently, Tim helped with the acquisition of Stonestreet one by Qualcomm, Inc., where he currently serves as the Senior Director of Business Development. In his current role, he works on wireless solutions for products such as smart watches, sport watches, fitness trackers, and health and wellness devices.