Student Encouragement Video

Speed School students need encouragement throughout the year but especially now after navigating yet another semester during a global pandemic.  The Office of Student Success invites you to be part of a video that will be sent to our students to stay on track and enroll for the spring semester.

Following are some tips to follow when creating your selfie video:

  • Make sure your light source is in front of you. Otherwise your ceiling light may look like a halo.
  • Pay attention to your background and surroundings.
  • Wear UofL or Speed School apparel.
  • Be energetic and authentic.
  • Keep it short and simple.
  • Make sure that we can hear you over any background noise.
  • Vertical orientation is preferred.
  • Use a tripod or secure your phone in place to steady the shot.

We cannot guarantee all submissions will be used in their entirety.

Video from ECE faculty to students

ECE faculty submitted selfie videos to encourage student to encourage their journey of becoming an engineer.

Student Encouragement Video Submission

  • Please select your primary dept/center/unit.
  • Please post your video clip here.
    Max. file size: 1 MB.