Students Name Select Faculty and Staff as Student Champions

June 10, 2021

Student Champion

In its inaugural year, the Student Champion recognition effort was initiated by the Office of the Executive Vice President and University Provost in April to give students the opportunity before the close of the spring semester to recognize any faculty or staff member who went above and beyond for them in creating meaningful educational experiences and helping them navigate an incredibly difficult year.

A supportive community, close relationships with instructors and classmates, dedicated advisors and highly engaging classes and activities are among the pillars of student success. The support, dedication and relationships that Student Champions developed with students this year were vital to student success and the university’s mission.

Student Champions will be recognized with a certificate for their devotion to student success in the 2020-2021 academic year and for vital contributions making the University of Louisville a great place to learn.

The following engineering faculty and staff were recognized as Student Champions:

Dean’s Office
Adel ElmaghrabyDirector of Industrial Research and Innovation,
Professor Computer Science & Engineering
William MillerEngineering Garage Manager & Facilities Coordinator
Academic & Student Affairs
Brittany BlakeAsst Director, Advising
Farrah DickenAcademic Counselor
Sarah SiersCo-op Coordinator, BE & IE
Jennifer ZollerAcademic Counselor, Sr.
Mohamed Tarek Mohadmed AliGraduate Teaching Asst.
Ayman El-BazChairperson, Professor & Distinguished Scholar
Ahmed ElknakibPostdoctoral Assoc
Hermann FrieboesAssoc Prof
Johnathan KopechekAsst Prof
Thomas RousselAsst Prof
Patricia  SoucyAsst Prof
Jill Steinbach RankinsAssoc Prof
Chemical Engineering
James GerstleAsst Prof
Gautam GuptaAssoc Prof
Noppadon SathitsuksanonAsst Prof
James WattersProf
Civil & Environmental Engineering
Mark FrenchProf
Young KimAssoc Prof
Robert KlugerAsst Prof
Bernie MilesEngineering Technician
Zhihui SunChair & Prof
Computer Science & Engineering
Nihat AltiparmakAssoc Prof
Mehmet Akif GulumGraduate Teaching Asst
Mehmed KantardzicProf
Andrew KaremAsst Prof Term
Michael KronmuellerGraduate Teaching Asst
Olfa NasraouiProf
Conn Center for Renewable Energy Research
Jacek JasinskiTheme Leader, Materials Characterization, Conn Center for Renewable Energy Research
Electrical & Computer Engineering
Cindy HarnettAssoc Prof
Shamus McNamaraAssoc Prof
John NaberChair & Prof
Eugene RockeyElectronics Technician
Yehya SenousyAsst Prof Term
Karla WelchAssoc Prof
Engineering Fundamentals
Jeffery HiebAssoc Prof
Patricia RaslstonChair & Prof
Brian RobinsonAsst Prof
Larry TylerProf
Graduate Programs
Leigh EllesAsst Dir
Industrial Engineering
Erin GerberAsst Prof Term
Jason SaleemAssoc Prof
Mechanical Engineering
Sundar AtreProf
Thomas BerfieldAssoc Prof
Roger BradshawAssoc Prof
Ellen BrehobAssoc Prof
Yongsheng LianProf
Sam ParkAssoc Prof
Glen PraterProf