Lab members

Our director

Dr. Jacek M. Zurada

IEEE Life Fellow, Lab Director
email: jacek.zurada .a_t.


Current members

Ehsan Hosseini Asl

Doctoral Student
email: e0hoss01 .a_t.



Samineh Mesbah

Doctoral Student
Graduate Research Assistant at Frazier Rehab Center
email: s0mesb01 .a_t.


Ayinde Babajide

Doctoral Student
email: jide_ayinde .a_t.



Dr. Fang Xu

Visiting Scholar
[Associate Professor, Southwest Petroleum University, Chengdu, China] email: matxufang .a_t.


Dr. Yang Jie

Visiting Scholar
[Assistant Professor, Dalian University of Technology, Dalian, China] email: yangjiee .a_t.




Dr. Tolga Ensari

Postdoctoral Researcher
[Assistant Professor, Istanbul University, Istanbul, Turkey]
email: ensari .a_t.



Jian Wang

email: wangjiannl .a_t.




Feng Li

Visiting Doctoral Student
email: dscling .a_t.



Qinwei Fan

Visiting Doctoral Student


Our recent graduates

Dr. Jan Chorowski

PhD Dissertation Title: Learning Understandable Classifier Model
December 2012
[Assistant Professor, Technical University of Wroclaw, Wroclaw, Poland]




Dr. Maciej Mazurowski

PhD Dissertation Title: A Computational Intelligence and Machine Learning-Based Framework for Improving Case-Based Computer-Aided Decision System in Mammography Applications
December 2008
[Postdoctoral Researcher at Duke University, Durham, North Carolina]

Dr. Piotr Habas

PhD Dissertation Title: Reliability Analysis Framework for Computer-Assisted Medical Decision Systems
December 2007
[Postdoctoral Researcher, University of California, San Francisco]


Dr. Yanfeng Hou

PhD Dissertation Title: Evaluation of EMG and Forces in Trunk Muscles During Manual Lifting Tasks Using Neural and Fuzzy Approaches
May 2006
[Industry Position, Lexington, Kentucky]

Dr. Kerem Muezzinoglu

PhD Dissertation Title: Approximate Dynamic Programming for Anemia Management
December 2005
[Postdoctoral Researcher, University of California, San Diego]


Dr. Grzegorz Boratyn

PhD Dissertation Title: New Methods for Selection of Relevant Attributes for Biomarker Identification in Proteomics Profiles
May 2005
[Postdoctoral Researcher, NIH-Bethesda, Maryland]

Dr. Tomasz Smolinski

PhD Dissertation Title: Classificatory Decomposition for Time Series Clustring and Categorization
December 2004
[Postdoctoral Researcher, Emory

University, Atlanta, Georgia]


Dr. Mykola Lysetskiy

PhD Dissertation Title: Input-Controlled Neural Dynamics and its Statistics in the Olfactory System Pattern Processing
December 2003
[Postdoctoral Researcher, Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois]



Dr. Jim S. Kirk

PhD Dissertation Title: Algorithms to Improve Topography Preservation in Self-Organizing Maps
August 2003
[Tenured Associate Professor at the Union College, Tennessee]


Dr. Renata Smolikova

PhD Dissertation Title: Neural and Statistical Modelling of Ultrasound Backscatter
August 2002
[Postdoctoral Researcher at ROBARTS Institute, London, Ontario, Canada]



Dr. Adam Gaweda

PhD Dissertation Title: Optimal Data-Driven Rule Extraction using Adaptive Fuzzy-Neural Models
June 2002
[Assistant Professor at the University of Louisville-Medical School