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Sztuczne sieci neuronowe: podstawy teorii i ich zastosowania

by Jacek Zurada, Mariusz Barski, Wojciech Jedruch
Wydawnictwo Naukowe PWN, Warszawa, Poland, 1996
ISBN 83-01-12106-8
375 pages, includes 3.5″ diskette with neural networks simulation program

Brief Summary

This book contain comprehensive text on neural networks. Neural networks are new and promising information processing systems. They can be used in the areas to which it is difficult to apply traditional software engineering approach, e.g. image recognition or diagnostics. A comprehensive coverage of the mathematical foundations of learning machines provides the reader with a solid basis for understanding and appreciating neural systems.


  • comprehensive, coverage of artificial neural systems
  • lucid exposition of neural processing principles, especially of learning and recall
  • neurocomputing algorithms introduced through intuitive examples
  • discussion of applications of neural networks in engineering and science
  • end-of-chapter exercises and projects, including computational assignments
  • appendix with solutions to the end-of-chapter exercises and projects
  • program disk included with simulation software for Windows

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  • 375 pages
  • ISBN 83-01-12106-8 (c) Wydawnictwo Naukowe PWN, Warszawa, Poland, 1996
  • Price: 24.- PLN (includes the software diskette)
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