Introduction to Artificial Neural Systems

by Jacek M. Zurada
PWS Publishing Company, 1992
ISBN 0-534-95460-X
Hardcover, 785 Pages, 317 Figures












Brief Summary

This comprehensive text on neural networks makes the field accessible to researchers, practitioners and students. It emphasizes neurocomputing systems and introduces topics through illustrations, clear examples, applications and exercises. A comprehensive coverage of the mathematical foundations of learning machines provides the reader with a solid basis for understanding and appreciating neural systems. A summary of training and recall algorithms and a discussion of their applications make Zurada’s approach invaluable for those who are looking for neuroengineering projects. The result is an exceptional book, providing not only a thorough introduction but also an excellent research foundation.


  • comprehensive, unified coverage of artificial neural systems
  • lucid exposition of neural processing principles, especially of learning and recall
  • neurocomputing algorithms introduced through intuitive examples
  • discussion of applications of neural networks in engineering and science
  • coverage of simulation, design and implementation of neural processors
  • 174 end-of-chapter exercises and projects, including computational assignments
  • program disk available with simulation software for DOS (ANS)


  • Artifical Neural Systems Past and Present
  • Fundamental Concepts and Models
  • Single-Layer Perceptron Classifiers
  • Multilayer Feedforward Networks
  • Single-Layer Feedback Networks
  • Associative Memories
  • Matching and Self-Organizing Networks
  • Applications of Neural Algorithms and Systems
  • Neural Nwtworks Implementation
  • Appendix, Index

Each chapter concludes with an extensive list of references for further reading. Solutions Manual available.

Published Reviews

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  • Hardcover, 785 Pages, 317 Figures
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