Welcome to the Integrated Microfluidic Systems Laboratory at the University of Louisville. This group focuses on different aspects of microfluidics, with an emphasis on electrokinetics (dielectrophoresis, electrohydrodynamics), colloid science (self-assembly, interface science), microscopic flow visualization (particle image velocimetry, particle tracking velocimetry), and microscale impedance spectroscopy.


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This electrode configuration was used to monitor, in real time, the integrity of an endothelial cell monolayer while undergoing hydrodynamic shear using impedance spectroscopy.

Our group investigates optical and electrokinetic methods of manipulating and assembling particles. This is an illustration of a technique termed rapid electrokinetic patterning (REP).

Our group investigates how the dried patterns of diluted whiksey can provide insight into their composition.

These curves represent a unique mathematical solution where a constant dielectrophoretic force is applied to a sample. We are developing a platform that utilizes this geometry to analyze particles and cells.

Astronaut Tim Peake mixes our colloid sample on the International Space Station. We are studying the effects of charged nanoparticles on the long-term stability of colloidal solutions.