Policies on Work-Life Balance

In addition to governance, Faculty should be aware of UofL’s policies on work-life balance.  Here are links to those UofL policies that relate to faculty.

All officially approved UofL policies are posted in the UofL Policy Library. The approval process is also described at this site. Any UofL policy is governed by the Redbook and must be in compliance with the Redbook.


  • Governance

    • (important for understanding your responsibilities, rights and options to resolving work related issues)
    • The Redbook
    • Addenda to the Redbook including:
      •  Include Unit/School Bylaws
      •  Unit Personnel Documents
    • The UofL Code of Conduct (included by reference in The Redbook)
      • NOTE:  Cardinal Principles, while it reads like a policy, is not an approved policy (as of 12/27/21).  It appears to be a restatement of the Guiding Principles section of the Code of Conduct