Online Voting Procedures

Eligibility (From Bylaws Article IIA):

Voting Faculty: All persons holding a full-time faculty position with a primary academic appointment (greater than 50 percent) in the Speed School with a contract duration of at least two years, or whose previous and current annual contracts run for a period of two years consecutively, shall be voting members of the Speed School faculty.

Voting Roster:

  1. The current voting roster was updated August 2022 with updates on new hires, retirements and resignations provided by the Dean’s Office (Courtney Gagel and J. P. Mohsen)
  2. The voting roster GROUP is Spd_Voting_Faculty.  You can see the voting membership by expanding the group address in an Outlook email.
  3. The address book list can be updated by Bob Cohn and Hermann Frieboes
  4. If you find you are not on this list and are eligible, please contact Bob or Hermann

Roster Updates:

Rosters need to be updated about a week before each Speed Faculty Meeting

Ways to update the list:

  1. Dean’s Office provides a list of all new full-time faculty and identifies any term faculty and their contract duration and hiring date.
    • Bylaws Article IIA: A list of the Voting Faculty will be provided to the Faculty by the Office of the Dean upon request.
    • Dean’s Office also identifies any faculty resignations.
  2. Check members of SPD_Faculty <> in an Outlook email and compare with  the most current list in
    • For new faculty members identified, request that the Dean’s Office identify which faculty are full-time tenure track and which are full-time term.
    • For term faculty, the Dean’s Office also provides the contract duration and hiring date.
  3. Remove from the voting roster, any non-full time faculty (less than or equal 50%).
  4. Remove from the voting roster, any term faculty in the first year of a one year contract.
  5. Process updates to distribution list/ GROUP by requesting an update using this IT Form or simply editing the list in the Outlook Address Book
    • Currently Cohn and Frieboes can update the form or the Address Book,
    • but other FC members and staff can be added as editors at any time

Online Voting: (Secret online ballot — in place of traditional mail ballot)

  1. In Sharepoint select MS Forms
  2. Prepare the ballot and under Settings
    • Select “Specific People in my Organization can respond”
    • Un-Select “Record names” to make anonymous/secret
    • Select  “One response per person”
  3. Then select share and enter “Spd_Voting_Faculty” in “Enter a name …”
  4. Then select the email option, or copy the link and email a note to Spd_Voting_Faculty
  5. The results are reported in the “Responses tab”
  6. To confirm the totals, share the results with a second tabulator
    • Get a sharable link to Responses from “More options”
    • by clicking on the three dots on the lower right of the first gray box
  7. Report the results to the Faculty, including vote totals (per Robert’s Rules)

Electronic Voting in Faculty Meetings:

  1. Use the MS Forms as in Online Voting above,
    • then paste the MS Forms link into MS Teams Chat
  2. For fully online meetings only MS_Forms only
  3. For hybrid meetings (TBD) the method could be:
    • Show of hands for those in person, MS Forms for the remainder
    • All vote using MS Forms. Those in person vote using phone or laptop
    • For a small number of online attendees, use MS Teams “Raise Hands” option

Online Voting Results are Archived at

Online Voting Results Repository (on Engineering Hub)