Training on UofL Governance


Various reports and collected readings on governance, both at UofL and the country


This chart outlines how UofL is organized as described in the Redbook and Speed Bylaws

UofL and Speed School Org Chart (pdf)

Speed School Org Chart (ppt)


These collected readings on shared governance include UofL’s Shared Governance Policy

Shared Governance Reader: Expanded (22sep22)

New information on Faculty Discipline

and slides from Shared Governance Workshop (updated)

Shared Governance Reader (4/21)


Workshop on Shared Governance and Speed Departmental Bylaws

Workshop presentation at AP&P Meeting 12oct21 (video)

Slides from the workshop (ppt)

Updated and expanded Workshop Slides (1sep22)

Updated with more of a UofL wide viewpoint

Added discussion on faculty discipline policies at UofL and other institutions

Template for Speed Department Bylaws (doc) This template is modeled on the Speed Bylaws