Speed Committees

The [Speed] Standing Committees are (Speed Bylaws Art. VIII):

Faculty Council
Administrative Plans and Policies Committee
Faculty Affairs Committee
Student Affairs Committee
Undergraduate Education Committee
Graduate Education Committee
Diversity Committee

Committee Memberships as published on Speed School home page.  This  linked page is updated from entries made below on this page by Faculty Council. The official list needs some updates to clarify how committee positions are filled (which is included in the committee descriptions below.) Members as currently known to Faculty Council and Appointment Rules are listed below:


Standing Committees

(+) = Chairperson   (*) = Non-Voting Member

  • Faculty Council Term
    President-elect elected by Speed wide vote 
    Members elected by their departments
    (+) Hermann Frieboes 01/01/23-12/31/23 President
    Robert Cohn 01/01/23-12/31/23 President-Elect
    Jonathan Kopechek 01/01/23-12/31/24 BE
    Ibrahim Imam 01/01/22-12/31/23 CSE
    Omid Ghasemi-Fare 01/01/22-12/31/23 CEE
    Tom Starr 01/01/22-12/31/23 CHE
    Amir Amini 01/01/22-12/31/23 ECE
    Brian Robinson 01/01/23-12/31/24 EF
    Li Yang 01/01/23-12/31/24 IE
    Yongsheng Lian 01/01/21-12/31/22 ME
  • Administrative Plans and

    Policies Committee

    (+)(*) Emmanuel Collins Dean
    (*) J.P. Mohsen Office of Dean
    Ayman El-Baz BE
    Wei Zhang CSE
    Zhihui Sun CEE
    Jerry Willing CHE
    John Naber ECE
    Patricia A. S. Ralston EF
    Pratik Parikh IE
    Kevin Murphy ME
    Hermann Frieboes 01/01/23-12/31/23 Faculty Council
    Bryan McClellan 05/01/22-04/30/23 Student Council President
  • Faculty Affairs Committee Term
    Faculty nominated by departments
    for Speed wide vote
    Guruprasad Giridharan 07/01/21-06/30/24 BE
    Olfa Nasraoui 07/01/20-06/30/23 CSE
    Mark French 07/01/22-06/30/25 CEE
    (+) Tom Starr 07/01/22-06/30/25 CHE
    Robert Cohn 07/01/22-06/30/25 ECE
    Larry Tyler 07/01/21-06/30/24 EF
    John Usher 07/01/20-06/30/23 IE
    Yongsheng Lian 07/01/21-06/30/24 ME
  • Student Affairs Committee Term
    Faculty nominated by Faculty Council 
    for Speed-wide Faculty Election
    Students selected by Student Council
    Tamer Inanc (ECE) 07/01/21-06/30/24 Faculty
    Delaina Amos (CHE) 07/01/21-06/30/24 Faculty
    (+) Jim Lewis (EF) 07/01/22-06/30/25 Faculty
    Martin O’Toole (BE) 07/01/22-06/30/25 Faculty
    Maddie Back 09/01/22-08/31/23 BS or MEng Student
    Claire Crowley 09/01/22-08/31/23 BS or MEng Student
    Amelia Coomes 09/01/22-08/31/23 BS, MEng, MS or PhD Student
    (*) Erin Gerber Assoc. Dean
    (*) Natalie Oliner Staff
  • Undergraduate Education Committee Term
    Faculty selected by departments
    Guruprasad Giridharan 07/01/21-06/30/24 BE
    Mark French 07/01/22-06/30/25 CEE
    Sean Fu 07/01/22-06/30/25 CHE
    (+) Ibrahim Imam 07/01/20-06/30/23 CSE
    Shamus McNamara 07/01/21-06/30/24 ECE
    Jim Lewis 07/01/21-06/30/24 EF
    Luis Segura 11/03/22-06/30/24 IE
    Stuart Williams 07/01/22-06/30/25 ME
    Keegan Tingle 09/01/22-08/31/23
    Undergraduate Student
    selected by Student Council
    (*) Erin Gerber Assoc. Dean
    (*) Travis Ross Speed Technology Solutions
  • Graduate Education Committee Term
    Faculty selected by departments 
    Usually Director of Graduate Studies
    Patricia Soucy BE
    (+) Mehmed Kantardzic CSE
    Young Hoon Kim CEE
    Eric Berson CHE
    Michael McIntyre ECE
    Lihui Bai IE
    Peter Quesada ME
    Jeff Keeling 09/01/22-08/31/23
    Graduate Student
    selected by Student Council
    (*) Kevin Walsh Assoc. Dean
    (*) Erin Gerber Assoc. Dean
    (*) Katherine Markuson Director of Graduate Affairs
  • Diversity Committee Term
    Faculty selected by Department 
    Students selected by diversity focused
    Recognized Student Organizations --
    could an be other RSOs than the 4 listed below
    Karen Bertocci 07/01/21-06/30/23 BE
    (+) Olfa  Nasraoui 07/01/22-06/30/25 CSE
    Omid Ghasemi Fare 07/01/21-06/30/23 CEE
    Gautam Gupta 07/01/21-06/30/23 CHE
    Karla Welch 07/01/21-06/30/23 ECE
    Mara Broering 07/01/21-06/30/23 EF
    Xiaomei Wang 07/01/22-06/30/25 IE
    Arianan Dourado 07/01/22-06/30/25 ME
    (*) Jonathan Hughes 07/01/22-06/30/25 Dean’s Representative (Dean appoints)
    Kata Traxler 07/01/22-06/30/25 Speed School Staff Representative (Dean appoints)
    Chris Matos 09/01/22-08/31/23 Student Council
    Jalyn Perry-Bell 09/01/22-08/31/23 NSBE
    Chace Washington 09/01/22-08/31/23 SWE
    Cristian Leyva 09/01/22-08/31/23 SHPE


University Committees

  • Faculty Senate Term
    • Serves on FS Committees
    Olfa Nasraoui 09/01/21-08/31/24
    • Redbook Committee
    • Commission on the Status of Women
    Roger Bradshaw 09/01/21-08/31/24
    • Planning & Budget Committee
    Tom Berfield 09/01/22-08/31/25
    Robert Cohn 09/01/22-08/31/25
    • Redbook Committee (Chair)
    • Executive Committee
    • Shared Governance Committee (ad hoc)
  • Faculty Grievance Committee
    Speed-wide faculty vote
    Roman Yampolskiy 07/01/21-06/30/24
    Adrian Lauf 07/01/22-06/30/25
    Roger Bradshaw 07/01/22-06/30/25
    Erin Gerber (Term faculty rep)
    Elected by UofL Term Faculty
    5 Seat total across UofL
  • Cardinal Core Curriculum Committee
    Nominated/elected by Speed faculty
    Mark French 07/01/20-06/30/23
    Jim Lewis 07/01/21-06/30/24
  • Graduate Council
    Nominated/elected by Speed graduate faculty
    Michael McIntyre 07/01/21-06/30/24
    Jerry Willing 07/01/21-06/30/24


  • Graduate Student Grievance Committee
    Nominated/elected by Speed graduate faculty
    Roman Yampolskiy 07/01/21-06/30/23
    Kevin Walsh (alternate) 07/01/21-06/30/23
  • UofL Athletic Association (ULAA)
    One nominee elected by Speed faculty 
    for UofL-wide Faculty Election
      Date for nominee election: 
      Dec Speed Faculty Mtg
    TBD 07/01/23-06/30/26
    Claudia Angeli 07/01/21-06/30/24
  • Staff Senate
    Elected by UofL-wide Staff vote
    Kari Donahue 7/1/21-6/30/23
    Betty Nunn 7/1/21-6/30/23
    Brendan Stivers 7/1/21-6/30/23
    Mani Vangular 7/1/22-6/30/24