Bylaws & Governance Policies


UofL and Speed Governing Documents

All UofL policies are governed by and must comply with the Redbook


Links to the Governing documents

Org Chart: An Introduction to how UofL Governance is structured

The Redbook

UofL Code of Conduct 11/12/09 (pdf)

Speed Bylaws 06-24-21 (pdf)

Speed Personnel Policies and Procedures Document 04-23-20 (pdf)

Robert’s Rules of Order (instant online access)

All Governance Documents in a single searchable file Governing Documents (pdf)


Current Department Bylaws*

Bioengineering Approved by Dean 4Oct21

Civil and Environmental Engineering This revision of  the 30Aug21 Bylaws was approved by CEE 29Nov21 and by Dean 3Feb22

Electrical and Computer Engineering (Approved by ECE 9Dec03)

Industrial Engineering Approved by IE Dec 2021 and by Dean Jan 2022


  • * Notes
    • Bylaws need to comply with Redbook and Speed Bylaws
    • Here is a Departmental Bylaws Template that is modeled on Speed Bylaws
    • Bylaws need to be approved by the Dean and, per Redbook, forwarded to the Provost
    • Departments are encouraged, but not required to have bylaws
    • Bylaws can, but are not required to, include Mission Statements
    • The Redbook requires that Departments have mission statements