Institute Charter

The overriding goal of ERINC has been to develop
a self-sustaining collaborative research enterprise
in electrooptics and nanotechnology,
which has and is expected to continue to:


Create New Knowledge
Develop Critical Infrastructure that Advances Research
Expand and Enhance Student Educational Experiences
Perform Educational Outreach and Service for the Public, Industry and the State
Increase the Number, Amount and Scope of Research Contracts and Grants
Enhance the Prestige and Visibility of UofL Research


ERINC is organized around the subject areas of ElectroOptics and Nanotechnology.  Both topics are interdisciplinary and expertise is found in these topics throughout UofL, rather than in a single department.  There is also strong overlap between these two topics.  A major fraction of the members who are associated with nanotechnology study electro-optic properties of materials and nanoscale-featured optical devices.   ERINC helps to connect these various faculty members, who otherwise might never be aware of each other.  Through shared common interests ERINC was able to establish the Huson Nanotechnology Core Facility (HNCF), which provides advanced nanotechnology and optical instruments and techniques to at least 20 faculty members, which otherwise would be too expensive to purchase and maintain. Also, with 8 faculty members from other Kentucky universities, 5 affiliated faculty from universities outside Kentucky, and 3 industrial affiliates, ERINC serves to more broadly connect faculty and other scientists with interests in ElectroOptics and Nanotechnology throughout the State, the country and the world.  Results of these connections have led, over the years, to numerous successful research and educational collaborations as demonstrated by a large number of multi-investigator grants obtained by ERINC members.  Additionally ERINC and its members have contributed significantly to fostering the early development of the Conn Center for Renewable Energy, the Micro/Nano Technology Center (MNTC) and the Louisiville Automation & Robotics Research Institute (LARRI).  UofL ERINC membership includes faculty from departments of Electrical and Computer, Chemical, Computer Engineering Science, Mechanical and BioEngineering, Physics, Chemistry and the School of Education.

The ElectroOptics Institute (ERI) was established as a Board of Trustees Approved Center 18 December 1996

The ElectroOptics Institute and Nanotechnology Center (ERINC) was approved by the Board of Trustees 15 March 1998  recognizing the major growth in research activities, infrastructure acquisition and new faculty hires by the center in the area of nanotechnology.