• Soft Matter Workshop Seminar Series :  Visit our recent and upcoming soft matter seminars
  • Whiskey webs: Fingerprints of evaporated bourbon – When a water-diluted droplet of American whiskey evaporates, it can leave behind a self-assembled web pattern not found in Scotch or brandy. Link
  • ERINC Overview: Part of Plenary talk presented at Rzeszow University, Poland 23May2016
  • Recent nanotech research highlights at ERINC – PowerPoint Presentation
  • The fascinating history of Electrical Engineering – 2500 years in the making. La Fée Electricité mural by Raoul Dufy in Paris Museum of Modern Art. Photos from University of Leeds are stitched together in a continuous scroll (running time 1:39). Also in 1937, the same year as Dufy’s mural was painted, George and Ira Gershwin mentioned some of these E&M pioneers in their song “They all laughed” which on this movie is performed by Antje Duvekot. A full resolution version (powerpoint slideshow ppsm) of this video can be downloaded from here
  • Why you should get a degree in Electrical Engineering – The history, profession and educational programs of electrical and computer engineering PowerPoint slide show (running time 8:30)

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