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Eslam Mostafa Finished his PhD as student with the ECE department with the title “Facial Information Understanding”, Spring 2015. He received his BSc and MSc degrees from the Electrical Engineering department at Alexandria University, Egypt in 2006 and 2009 respectively. His research domain is vital signs, image processing, and biometrics. He is developing image modeling algorithm which is used in segmentation, denoising, and tracking. He is also developing algorithm in the field of vital signs, heart rate wave form, breathing rate, using infra- red camera.

Ahmed EL Barkouky Finished his PhD in Fall, 2014. His thesis title is “MATHEMATICAL MODELING FOR PARTIAL OBJECT DETECTION”.  He won The Guy Stevenson Award for Excellence in Graduate Studies. He received his BSc degree from Electrical Engineering department at Ainshams University, Egypt in 2002 and MSc degree from Engineering Mathematics department at Ainshams University, Egypt in 2009. His research domain is computer vision and image processing. He is learning different algorithms for object tracking in videos and different algorithms for image fusion to combine information received from several sensors. He is involved in designing the guiding scheme in the navigation of autonomous ground vehicles for both indoor and outdoor. He is also involved in Biometric applications including Video Cocktail Party which is a frame work for Multichannel Facial Activity Modeling from Video.

Ahmed Shalaby finsihed his PhD Fall, 2014. Thesis title is “Shape/Image Registration for Medical Imaging: Novel Algorithms and Applications”. He received the bachelor degree from Alexandria University, Egypt, in 2003. His research domain is computer vision. Specifically, he is studying object detection, recognition and tracking. His focus is to simultaneously recognize and track single and multiple objects based on state space models for motion estimation. He utilizes Kalman, Particle and deformable object tracking approaches. His applications focus on tracking based on robotics, thermal image signatures for large distance recognition.


Ali Mahmoud finished his PhD in Summer, 2014. Thesis title is “UTILIZING RADIATION FOR SMART ROBOTIC APPLICATIONS USING VISIBLE, THERMAL, AND POLARIZATION IMAGES” (Co-adviser with Dr. James Graham). He received his BSc and MSc degrees from the Electrical Engineering department at Alexandria University, Egypt in 2005 and 2009 respectively. His research domain is vision based mobile robot navigation. He is developing algorithms for aligning images and estimating motion in video sequences. Moreover, he is working in stereo correspondence algorithms to estimate a 3D model of a scene using binocular disparity of its 2D images.


Aly Abdelrahim finished his PhD in Spring, 2014. Thesis title is “Object Modeling Using Optics and Statistics”. His research domain is computer vision. He is studying Surgical Simulation. His focus is to Medical robots and Real-time update of tool position and orientation in augmented reality environments. His applications include Image-to-patient registration using tracked imaging devices.




Mostafa Abdelrahman finished his PhD in Fall, 2013. Thesis Title is “Object Modeling by Heat Kernel Approach”. His research domain is computer Vision, and machine learning. He is studying feature-based object modeling and recognition, and scale-space theory. His focus is to generate robust object representations that maintain characteristic features of the objects for modeling, registration and recognition. His applications include multichannel face detection, facial expression recognition and dynamic texture models.



Shireen Elhabian finished her PhD in Fall, 2012. Thesis title is “Phenomenological Modeling of Image Irradiance for Non-Lambertian Surface under Natural Illumination”. She received her BSc. and MSc. from Cairo University, Egypt, in 2002 and 2005, respectively. She was awarded the Best Teaching Assistant in Cairo University in 2005. She was awarded the Outstanding ECE Graduate Student Award at the University of Louisville in 2009. Her research domain is computer vision, image processing and machine learning. She is studying topological and photometric object representations for sparse object recognition. Her focus is to develop dynamic surface models and representations for general image formation scenarios. Her applications include facial information processing under variations of pose, illuminations, occlusion and expressions. Elhabian’ s CV

Travis Gault finished his PhD in Fall, 2012. Thesis title is “Physiology- and Wavelet-Based Reconstruction of the Arterial Pulse Waveforms from Thermal Video”.  My current research focuses on using of thermal imaging to extract the location of blood vessels in the head and neck and determine a patient’s vital signs including heart rate, temperature, and breathing rate.   My primary goal is to recreate the arterial pulse waveforms from thermal video.  Applications for this research is to create a biometric smart-room sensor suite for use in hospitals and homes of both the elderly and non-communicative subjects to remotely monitor the patient using thermal and regular video, without direct contact from medical professionals. Gault’ s CV

Melih Aslan finished his PhD in Fall, 2012. Thesis title is “Probabilistic and Geometric Shape Based Segmentation Methods”. He received the bachelor degree from Fatih University, Turkey in 2005 and the MS degree from University of South Alabama, USA in 2007. His area of expertise includes segmentation and registration methods based on the intensity, spatial interaction, and shape information. More specifically, his objective is to segment vertebral bodies of spine bones accurately to assist the bone mineral density measurements and fracture analysis. His focus is to develop a robust simultaneous segmentation and registration algorithms.  He has 11 IEEE conference papers and 1 book chapter.   Aslan’ s CV

Amal Farag finished her PhD in Spring, 2012. Thesis title is “Modeling Objects Under Uncertainties: Novel Algorithms and Applications” (Major Advisor, Dr. James Graham, Committee Member and Co-Mentor, Aly Farag). She received her BSc and MEng in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Louisville in 2008 and 2009, respectively. She joined the Computer Vision and Image Processing Laboratory (CVIP lab) in 2006 as an undergraduate research student, in which time her research domain focused on designing and developing a camera system for 360 viewing of the upper and lower jaw. She decided to pursue her Master of Engineering research with the laboratory in the area of biomedical image analysis, where she established a data-driven approach for lung nodule modeling and classification from chest CT. She completed her Masters degree in Spring 2009. In Summer of 2009, she was enrolled into the PhD program pursuing further research in the domain of geometric computer vision and biomedical image analysis. She is studying variational and statistical approaches for object modeling. Her applications include multimodality image analysis, texture models, and image-based biological tissue characterization.

Ham Rara finished his Ph.D. in Summer 2011. He continues his career as a Post Doc. in the CVIP Lab.





Dongqing Chen finished his Ph.D. in Summer 2008. He continues his career as a Post Doc. in the CVIP Lab.





Asem Ali finished his Ph.D. in Spring 2008. He continues his career as a Post Doc. in the CVIP Lab.






Rachid Fahmi finished his Ph.D. in Spring 2008.





Abdelrehim Ahmed finished his Ph.D. in Spring 2008.





Hongjian Shi finished his Ph.D. in Fall 2007.





Alaa El-Din Abdel-Hakim finished his Ph.D. in Spring 2007.





Hossam Hassan finished his Ph.D. in Spring 2007.





Ayman El-Baz finished his Ph.D. in Summer 2006.





M. Sabry Hassouna finished his Ph.D. in Spring 2006. His research interests include PDE-based image analysis, skeletonization, numerical analysis and level set methods, segmentation, and virtual endoscopy.





Refaat Mohamed finished his Ph.D. in Fall 2005. His research interests include machine learning, Markov random field models, support vector machines, remote sensing, and change detection.





Ahmed Eid finished his Ph.D in 2004. His research interests include surface reconstruction evaluation techniques in computer vision.





Moumen T. Ahmed finished his Ph.D in 2001. His research interests include Pattern Recognition, Computer Vision, and Neural Networks.




Elsayed E. Hemayed finished his Ph.D. in Computer Science and Engineering at Speed School. His research interests include Image Processing, Computer Vision, and Computer Graphics.




Sameh M. Yamany finished his Ph.D in Computer Science and Engineering. His current research interests include Computer Vision, 3D Registration, Image processing, Shape from X, and Pattern Recognition.





Mohamed N. Ahmed finished his Ph.D. in 1997 and worked as Post Doc. in the lab until 1999. He is currently working at Lexmark, Inc.