Computational Intelligence: Imitating Life


edited by Jacek M. Zurada, Robert J. Marks II and Charles J. Robinson
(IEEE Press, 1994) ISBN 0-7803-1104-3
Hardcover, 448 Pages















Brief Summary

Computational Intelligence has emerged from the fusion of the fields of neural networks, fuzzy systems and evolutionary computation. For the first time, contributions of world-renowned experts and pioneers in the field are collected into a single volume. The articles are grouped into the following categories: Computational Learning Theory, Approximate Reasoning, Evolutionary Computation, Biological Computation and Pattern Recognition, Intelligent Control, Hybrid Computational Intelligence, and Applications. The contributions were first presented in a special Plenary Symposium held in conjunction with the 1994 World Congress on Computational Intelligence.


  • An introduction by the editors
  • An extensive overview of computational intelligence by James Bezdek
  • Articles by such leading experts as: James Bezdek, Didier Dubois, Rolf Eckmiller, Lawrence J. Fogel, Anil K. Jain, James M. Keller, Reza Langari, Erikki Oja, Henri Prade, Steven K. Rogers, J. David Schaffer, Michio Sugento, H. J. Zimmerman, and others
  • A special section on applications in the field of biology, signal and image processing, robotics and control
  • An extensive subject index for easy reference, and more!



  • Introduction
  • What is Computational Intelligence
  • Computational Learning Theory
  • Approximate Reasoning
  • Evolutionary Computation
  • Biological and Computational Pattern Recognition
  • Intelligent Control
  • Hybrid Computational Intelligence
  • Applications
  • Author and Subject Index

Published Reviews

  • IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks, Vol. 6, No. 6, November 1995, pp. 1562-1565

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