Why Industrial Engineering?

  • A wide range of career opportunities possible with an IE degree – work in entertainment (Disney), automotive (Tesla, Toyota, Ford), logistics (UPS, Amazon), healthcare (Norton, Mayo), defense (Boeing, DoD), manufacturing, retail (Kroger, Walmart), financial (Bank of America, Wells Fargo), and so many more
  • A systems view and practical skills put you on a fast track to management!
  • #1 fastest growing discipline as per US Bureau of Labor Statistics
  • #2 highest paying major as per CNBC news
1 st

Highest job growth among all Engineering disciplines

2 nd

Highest paying major

$ 35000

Via 3 paid industry co-ops

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Department Awardees (2023-24)

Taylor Logsdon (Dept Alumni Award), Erin Dirr (Brandeis Scholarship), and Kinsey Ballard (IISE Activity)

Department awardees (2023-24)

Sarah Bogan and Jackson Raich (Rising Seniors); Lara Thomas, Benjamin Langford, and Daniel Ruiz Cicilia (Rising Juniors)

Department Awardees (2022-23)

Outstanding Rising Junior: Abigail Christmas, Jackson Raich, Sarah Bogan

Department Awardees (2022-23)

Co-op of the Year: Anne Marie Kouokam Simo

Latest News - IISE Awards

IISE - Society for Health Systems (SHS) Scholarship: Abigail (Abby) Christmas

Why BSIE@UofL?

  • Large school amenities (UofL) with the benefits of a small school experience (Speed School)
  • Three semesters of co-op
    • Graduate with a FULL YEAR of job experience
    • Offset the cost of your degree – students can earn over $35,000 before graduation
  • Over 93% job placement rate upon graduation!
  • Get BS/Masters in 5 years via ACCELERATED PATHWAY (BS/MS or BS/MEngEM)
  • Faculty who care about your educational experience
  • Paid Undergraduate Research opportunities and tutoring positions
  • Potential scholarship opportunities:

What do IEs learn?


Where do our graduates work?


What are some job titles?

  • Management/Systems Engineer
  • Data Scientist
  • Quality/Process Improvement Engineer
  • Human Factors Engineer
  • Industrial/Manufacturing/Production Engineer
  • And much more …

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