Why PhD in IE?

  • Acquire advanced knowledge and skills to improve and optimize operations and training in academia, industry and government
  • A wide-range of industry and research career opportunities are possible with an IE doctoral degree (supply chain, manufacturing, defense, automotive, entertainment, healthcare, and many more)

Why PhD@UofL?

  • Research topics that benefit the society
  • Faculty who care about your experience
  • Carefully developed curriculum that provides advanced courses and training
  • Pathways to prepare you for academic and industry positions
  • Outstanding resources (computing and equipment) to facilitate executing your ideas
  • Student chapters allow you to network with fellow students and industry professionals
  • Overall, a family-like environment
  • Full financial support for up to 4 years

Research Areas

Our Students are Hired By:

Marathon Logo UPS Logo Procter & Gamble Toyota Logo US Army Kroger
Boeing Thorton's Humana Disney
Lockheed Martin

Student Testimonials

Full financial support (tuition + stipend + insurance)

  1. UofL graduate school scholarships and assistantships
  2. IE department Graduate Teaching Assistantships
  3. Graduate Research Assistantships

Interested in learning more?

Some of our Current Students