Collaboration Vs Effort

Summer is the time that many of us devote to writing research proposals.  As you undertake this activity, please make sure that you are aware of the important difference between % Collab and % Effort on the PCF (proposal clearance form) that you submit to Kelly Jackson in our Speed Business Center.

% Collaboration/% RIF is determined by you

% Collab/% RIF is an agreement between you and any other faculty/researcher on your proposal about how you plan to divide up the research work.  % Collab must always add up to 100% on the PCF.   If you are a sole PI, the % Collab/% RIF will be 100% for you.  On the other hand, if you are the PI leading a proposal with the help of 2 other co-PIs, the 3 of you must decide on the appropriate % for each of you.  Perhaps you may decide on 40% for you as PI since you have the ultimate responsibility for the award if funded, and 30% each for your co-PIs for their involvement in the research.  % Collab/% RIF is extremely  important because that is how the University assigns credit for research expenditures by faculty, department and colleges.  % Collab/% RIF is also important because individual RIF (research incentive fund) is allocated based upon that distribution.  So give much thought before you write down that number.

% Effort is determined by Kelly Jackson (Speed Business Center)

% Effort is a calculation by Kelly Jackson after you provide her with a copy of your budget.  If there is no costshare involved, she will calculate % Effort by simply taking the requested salary support in your proposal and dividing it by your base pay plus supplements, but does not include xpays.  It is as simple as that.

So % Effort and % Collab/% RIF are not the same.  Please be aware of the difference.