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Our facility specializes in making MEMS devices or MicroElectroMechanical systems. Other devices are pressure sensors that help predict the weather and accelerometers that help a car inflate its airbags during an accident.


Micro/Nano Technology Center

The Micro/Nano Technology Center (MNTC) consists of a class 100/1000, $30-million, 10,000 ft2 cleanroom facility and the Huson Imaging & Characterization Laboratory (HICL), which support research and training in the fields of micro/nanotechnology, microelectronics, optics, micro-fluidics, advanced materials, biotechnology, and MEMS.

The Center offers a wide array of capabilities, an experienced engineering team, protection of intellectual property, and competitive pricing. It features seven bays for photolithography, mask generation, wet processing, dry etching, thin film deposition, and high-temperature and PDMS processing.

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Square feet cleanroom with SEM imaging, characterization, and packaging capabilities


Invested by UofL in micro/nanotechnology, additive manufacturing, and renewable energy research

Our Faculty and Staff

“Our Center is privileged to be part of the National Science Foundation’s prestigious national nanotechnology network with the likes of Harvard, Stanford, Cornel, and Georgia Tech. Our $30M state-of-the-art cleanroom contains all the latest tools."

- Kevin Walsh, Director of Micro/Nano Technology Center

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A scanning electron microscope (SEM) can image down to nanometer resolution, which can be used to indicate material structures. Our SEM also has an Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy (EDS) detector that identify elemental components of materials.

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In addition to our photolithography capabilities, we also make equipment available for thin-film deposition; thermal processing; etching, machining, and bonding; packaging; metrology and testing; and design, layout, and modeling. To get started, contact us today!