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We’ve helped industrial users with rapid prototyping since 1993 and are one of the world’s premier additive manufacturing (AM) centers. Count on our experience to get your product to market quickly.


AMIST Core Facility

Additive Manufacturing Institute of Science and Technology (AMIST) serves as a regional and national leader in the research, education, development and training in the areas of additive manufacturing (AM)/3D printing and digital manufacturing. With a highly cross-disciplinary member composition and collaborative environment, AMIST aims to inspire and enable transformative research and education for the next generation workforce. The world-class core facility of AMIST is a shared facility that houses a variety of AM technologies as well as various other material testing and characterization capabilities needed for a broad range of tasks. In addition to supporting the core missions of AMIST in research and education, AMIST core facility also enables researchers and collaborators both internally and externally for advanced manufacturing solutions and R&D efforts.

The Core’s mission is to enable the acceleration of growth, adoption, and discovery in advanced manufacturing technologies. The Core is equipped to lead this effort as a shared facility, bringing together academic and industry experts to stimulate innovation and train the future workforce.

The Core Lab houses more than $6 million in advanced manufacturing equipment, including industrial 3D printers capable of processing metals, polymers, composites, biomaterials, and ceramics. The Core utilizes a cross-disciplinary team of experts in the advanced manufacturing space that can leverage these unique capabilities. We foster collaboration across multiple disciplines to advance the technology and grow the advanced manufacturing ecosystem.

With unparalleled efficiency, endless applications, and a transformational impact on design, process, and operations, Additive Manufacturing and related technologies are revolutionizing advanced manufacturing practices worldwide. The Core Lab is a comprehensive, centralized resource for companies and researchers seeking to access these benefits through design, engineering, prototyping, and product enhancement.


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Our Faculty and Staff

In two months, Gillham had a crash course in real-world engineering, designing COVID swabs and printing hundreds of thousands of face shields for hospitals, dentists and nursing homes.

Justin Gillham, Coordinator of Engineering Technical Services
Mechanical Engineering Grad and AMIST Coordinator Finds Home at Speed School

Additive Manufacturing Methods

The RPC is capable of producing prototypes and end-use, low-volume component parts utilizing the following additive manufacturing methods: Laser Sintering, Direct Metal Laser Sintering, Electron Beam Melting, Ultrasonic Consolidation, Fused Deposition Modeling, and Stereolithography.


Researchers at the AMIST Core Facility are actively involved in technical organizations as officers, presenters, and featured speakers at national and international conferences. The AMIST Core Facility also hosts tours for high school students, local industry groups, and the community at large.