Vision-Guided Robotics

Vision-Guided Robotics is a major focus of research at the CVIP Lab, which enables robot arms to smartly track dynamic objects moving on random paths, and adjust the grabbing/touching force based on objects size, softness and shape.


Robotics and Automation

The future is here, as engineers have already introduced robots to healthcare, law enforcement, supply chains, etc. Speed School students don’t worry that robots are coming to steal our jobs. They’re too busy devising ways to make our jobs easier, more productive, and more beneficial to society. Robotics can be applied to nearly any discipline within engineering, with solutions emerging in nursing, surgery, manufacturing, distribution, and aeronautics — among many others.


Has been allocated in scholarships through the Robotics Education & Competition (REC) Foundation

Faculty Story

"Autonomous robotics (AR) encapsulates mechanical designs for a particular purpose, with sensors, communications, power and control, to achieve the functionality required. The CVIP Lab uses AR for military, industrial and biomedical applications."

Dr. Aly Farag - Director, Computer Vision and Image Processing Lab

Facility Aerial Robotics Lab

In the Aerial Robotics Lab, Speed Students build unmanned drones with complex navigation systems, secure mobile networking, and fault tolerance. Most of this work is completed with off-the-shelf or 3D-printed components.