Including the Human Element

Improving health technology by factoring how people will engage with it.


Health and Human Systems

Research in health & human systems seeks to improve human-system interactions for everyone involved – health care professionals, patients, and family members – by connecting data, people, and systems.  Engineers at Speed School are committed to innovative research to transform the healthcare system and experience.  Enhancing the safety and usability of health information technology and virtual care tools, along with improving the larger healthcare delivery and organizational structure through data analytics and optimization, are key focus areas.

Faculty Story

We are excited that we now have the resources necessary to take this to the point where we are going to be able to translate our research into a clinically useful tool that can make a difference in clinical practice and how it’s carried out.

- Dr. Gina Bertocci

Facility Center for Ergonomics

The Center for Ergonomics houses a multidisciplinary human science laboratory to conduct research and applied projects in cognitive, physical, and organizational ergonomics.

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