Energy & Sustainability

Sustainable alternative energy sources are vital to our environmental and economic future. Engineers are leading the way. Alternative energy sources will undoubtedly shape environmental policy – and the job market — for decades to come. But the benefits go far beyond merely being cleaner and having lower impact. Renewable energy sources (in wind, solar, hydro, geothermal, and biomass) may ultimately be cheaper as well, and are much less prone to large-scale system failure.


pounds of industrial hemp and kenaf have been harvested on-campus as a possible alternative energy source

Research Story

"There are well-defined hemp markets for fiber and structural fabrics. We’re undertaking research on hemp that’s converted to solve energy problems that otherwise require petroleum to generate chemicals and fuels."

Andrew Marsh, Assistant Director, Conn Center
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Materials & Energy Technology (MET) Service Center The Materials & Energy Technology (MET) Service Center is the place to be for the latest equipment for microscopy and spectroscopy, as well as fabrication, test facilities, and storage devices of all kinds.

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