Next Generation

The NGS Group conducts research on the Next Generation Microsystems and Robots that are increasingly small, cheap, integrated, and networked.


Data Science & AI

With 2.5 quintillion bytes of data being created EVERY DAY, the problem of the modern world isn’t how to get information, but how do you make sense of it, and then what do you do with it. Engineers at Speed School are creating novel ways to collect and interpret massive amounts of data to solve an array of complex problems like organ rejection, pavement deterioration, energy storage systems, and in one of the most exciting fields AI.


grant awarded to Speed School's Dr. Nihat Altiparmak by the National Science Foundation


Faculty doing research in this area

Our Faculty

“In terms of performance and energy, I have two goals: one is making automatic storage system optimizations leading to self-optimizing Big Data analysis platforms. The other one is making this infrastructure more energy efficient.”

Dr. Nihat Altiparmak, Computer Science & Engineering

Facility Computational Intelligence Lab

Recent research into Computational Intelligence Tools for Medical Diagnostics was conducted at the Computational Intelligence Lab by Speed School students. This facility is just one of our state-of-the-art, on-campus learning spaces.

Faculty Story

"Advances in high throughput methodologies, such as DNA/RNA sequencing and single cell sequencing have resulted in an explosion of the amount of biological data at a growth rate faster than Moore's Law."

Eric Rouchka, Professor, Computer Science & Engineering
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