Massive Potential with a Small Footprint

From drug delivery to sustainable energy, micro and nano technology is revolutionizing the world.


Micro/Nano Research Center

The mission of the MNRC is to bring together the most creative faculty, research staff, students and industry professionals in an interdisciplinary research environment to perform cutting-edge research in the areas of micro/nanotechnology, microelectronics, optics, micro-fluidics, advanced materials, biotechnology, and MEMS. Our goals are 1) to produce cutting-edge fundamental research in the fields of micro/nano science and engineering (S&E), 2) to address societal challenges enabled by  the convergence of micro/nano S&E with other disciplines, 3) to serve as a catalyst for the translation of fundamental research to commercial solutions, and 4) to train our country’s next generation of needed nano scientists and engineers.

Featured Capability Micro/Nano Technology Center

Speed School of Engineering’s Micro/Nano Technology Center (MNTC) core facility provides micro and nanotechnology processing that supports research and training in the fields of microelectronics, optics, micro-fluidics, advanced materials, biotechnology and MEMS.