Delivering the Goods

On-time deliveries happen around the clock and around the world when logistics and distribution channels work smoothly. Improving their operations is our specialty — and we deliver the goods.


Logistics and Distribution Institute

The multi-disciplinary Logistics and Distribution Institute (LoDI) is dedicated to innovating new delivery processes for organizations shipping goods, services, and personnel around the globe. We produce impactful efficiencies research and prepare students to be leaders in their fields.

Recent years have seen the rise of e-commerce and crowdsourcing business models, advances in sensors and their role in connecting the Internet of Things (IoT), and breakthroughs in material handling, robotics, and 3-D printing. These developments present both opportunities and challenges for logistics and distribution professionals and are topics of much of our research.

Some of our current projects include:

  • Robotic order fulfillment
  • Incorporating additive manufacturing technologies into logistics
  • High-density storage through rack design and slot sizes
  • Cross-docking design and optimization
  • Worker-centric designs within distribution centers

Creation of the LoDI Index, a predictor of logistics and distribution activity in Greater Louisville


Funding provided by Advanced Solutions, Inc. for lab technology upgrades.

Capability Logistics Innovation Lab

Thanks to the generous support of Advanced Solutions, Inc., the Logistics Innovation Lab features multiple research workstations with a suite of advanced modeling software, a meeting space, and up-to-date teleconferencing equipment.


Louisville’s centralized location and transportation facilities (including UPS Worldport, rail lines, interstate highways, and Ohio River barges) make it one of the great locations for logistics in the United States. LoDI continuously engages and works with our local industry partners to make advances in the field.