Work Smarter, Not Harder

How do humans interact with systems? And how can those systems be optimized for performance and efficiency? At the Center for Human Systems Engineering, we try to answer these questions and much more.


Center for Human Systems Engineering

The Center for Human Systems Engineering houses a multidisciplinary human science laboratory to conduct research and applied projects in cognitive, physical, and organizational ergonomics. Work here optimizes mental processing, human well-being, and administrative functioning. It is easily configurable to simulate different environments, such as a healthcare ambulatory care setting.

The laboratory supports a variety of simulation studies. It enables video recording of human-computer interaction, the capture of user interactions via instrumented software, and rapid prototyping of new and updated designs.


Dr. Jason Saleem, Director
(502) 852-2274

Our Faculty

“Industrial Engineering is just fun. Our students embed with companies, observe and interview end-users to understand their work practices, and then redesign a current product or application.”

- Dr. Jason Saleem, Director of the Center for Human Systems Engineering

Capability Fully Geared for Research

The center has everything needed for use in human factors and ergonomics research and instruction. Lab equipment includes surface electromyography, electro goniometers, a cerebral oximeter, a light meter, a lumbar motion meter, and a noise dosimeter.