Bouncing Back

In an effort to keep 265 million tires out of waste stockpiles, we developed a water-based process to break down vulcanized rubber. The un-vulcanized rubber molecules can then be re-vulcanized to form new rubber products.


Brown Envirome Institute, Center for Environmental Engineering

The Christina Lee Brown Envirome Institute seeks to understand the connections between fundamental human ecology and the resulting multidimensional health outcomes.

All life adapts and responds to environmental conditions. Our goal is to turn scientific discovery into actionable knowledge to build healthier cities by:

  • Considering the effects of the environment on health
  • Analyzing environmental health risks
  • Developing new models for healthy, urban living

Visit the Envirome Institute website.


Grant from the Nature Conservancy for the implementation of the Green Heart nature project


Grant from the National Institutes of Health to study the effect of greenness on public health


Year that UofL earned the Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education national distinction

Our Faculty

“The Green Heart Project is dedicated to studying the urban greening and the impact it may have on cardiovascular health. We do know that the environment impacts us, but the pathways of that impact need to be studied.”

- Neeli Bendapudi, UofL President

Sustainability Roundtables

Join our Sustainability Roundtables to share research interests, goals, projects, and hear from sustainability researchers and practitioners and local and federal government partners.

Urban Laboratory

Take a holistic approach to researching how the human-environment interrelationship impacts peoples’ lives and create a healthier Louisville through the Center for Healthy Air, Water, and Soil (CHAWS).