Optics and Nanotechnology Working Together...

to develop three-dimensional patterns. The combination of optical lithography together with self assembly via wetting forces is producing structures smaller than the limit of optical resolution with potential to manufacture 3D patterns affordably at mass production rates.


ElectroOptics Research Institute and Nanotechnology Center

The ElectroOptics Research Institute and Nanotechnology Center (ERINC) pursues fundamental and applied research that is interdisciplinary between optics and nanotechnology.

ERINC faculty come from Bioengineering, Civil, Chemical, Computer, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Departments, as well as Chemistry, Physics and the School of Education.  Past members were also found in the Dental School and Psychology & Brain Science. Some representative research activities include:

  • Organic nanoparticles for targeted drug delivery
  • Directed self assembly of colloidal particles in zero gravity
  • Directed self assembly of silver-gallium nanoneedles
  • Synthesis of carbon nanomaterials
  • Synthesis of gold nanoparticles in the forms of triangles and shells
  • Image and Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning
  • Optical detection and tracking of objects hidden in fog
  • Multispot laser beam steering
    • For missile targeting
    • Holding and guiding nanoparticles under a microscope

Contact: Dr. Robert Cohn, Director ERINC
Email: robert.cohn@louisville.edu

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Soft Matter Initiative

ERINC is taking the lead at UofL in identifying and organizing a research focus in soft matter and soft nanomaterials.