How is Speed School advancing educational excellence?

Speed faculty are advancing educational excellence through research in the scholarship of teaching and learning and by providing professional development.


Center for Teaching and Learning Engineering

Created as part of Speed School’s 2020 Strategic Plan to advance educational excellence, the CTLE’s mission is to foster outstanding teaching and learning at the Speed School.

The Center for Teaching and Learning Engineering seeks to accomplish its mission through research in the scholarship of teaching and learning, promoting evidence-based teaching strategies, as well as fostering the development of technology enhanced approaches for content development and delivery.

The CTLE advances these goals through the following activities:

  • Programs and Services
    1. Through faculty learning communities, resource sharing, and conversation, cultivate sustained interest in and dialogue about engineering education (best practices, key trends) across the Speed School
    2. Develop, support, and sustain faculty-driven communities of practice related to engineering education excellence
  • Partnerships and Collaborations
    1. Cultivate and support interdisciplinary collaborations that advance engineering education research
    2. Support the Speed School’s Engineering Education Research group in seeking and executing funded projects
    3. Leverage and raise awareness of professional development offerings available through the university’s teaching and learning center


Center for Teaching & Learning Engineering


Dr. Patricia Ralston, Director
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Our Faculty

“Our faculty continuously improve their teaching strategies and delivery methods using current evidence-based research, and we utilize the latest technology where appropriate.”

- Dr. Patricia A.S. Ralston, Director, CTLE

Capability Our Teaching Laboratories

CTLE is located in the Department of Engineering Fundamentals, at JS 123 (Design and Production Studio) and JS 124 (Development and Evaluation – Model Classroom). All Speed School faculty can develop and test new teaching approaches here.


Established in 2012, the Guild for Engineering Education, Achievement, Retention & Success (GEARS) is a cross-functional group of faculty and researchers dedicated to improving student learning, particularly engineering students.