Will Automated Vehicles Be the Future of Daily Transportation Tools?

94% of the crashes can be attributed to human driver errors, such as driver inattention, and distraction errors. The emerging automated vehicle technology could be one solution for eliminating human errors.


Center for Transportation Innovation

The Center for Transportation Innovation (CTI) aims at being a strong partnership between UofL, local, state, and federal transportation agencies, authorities, and organizations formed to research, educate and solve multimodal transportation-related issues and problems. The Center is a technical resource, knowledge center and educational provider for transportation agencies, industry and the community.

The CTI serves as the focal point for innovative research on transportation-related issues that are of common interest to Louisville, Kentucky, and federal transportation agencies and authorities. The CTI performs innovative and applied research in the following areas: traffic operations and safety, transportation policy and decision making, transportation planning, intelligent transportation systems, smart city, connected and automated vehicles, and transportation-induced air pollution.

In addition, the CTI has the following objectives:

  • Seek and leverage available research funding and support from multiple external sponsors.
  • Perform research to meet the specific needs of Louisville, Kentucky, and regional transportation agencies and authorities.
  • Provide continued education, training and resources to students, faculty, sponsors and the community.

Contact: Dr. Zuihui Sun, Director

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Faculty Story

"Autonomous vehicles will be reality very soon. I believe that technology can change our lives and make us all more safe. We are trying to make autonomous vehicles more safe, by understanding not just the autonomous vehicle, but also driving patterns of humans who interact with them."

Dr. Richard Li

Featured Capablity

CTI has the access to the most recent version of the standard microsimulation software VISSIM (Version 10), which are capable of running large scale microscopic traffic simulation analysis and with distributed computing power.

More about the Center for Transportation Innovation

CTI research is funded through Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, Louisville Metro Government, Transportation Research Board of National Academy of Science, and National Science Foundation. CTI is seeking long-term partnership with state and local transportation agencies including Louisville Metro Government, Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, Kentuckiana Reginal Planning & Development Agency (KIPDA), and Transit Authority of River City (TARC). CTI will be continuously conducting research projects to meet the specific needs of Louisville, Kentucky, and regional transportation agencies and authorities.