Research Awards 2020

Awards for Fiscal Year 2020

Our faculty and staff have been doing exciting work in the fields of engineering.  This includes winning extramural funding for research and scholarly activities.  Below is a list of our successes since July 2019.  For more detailed information on research and innovation at the JB Speed School of Engineering, please visit our Research Productivity site or contact 

Li, ZhixiaPICivil & Environmental EngNational Academy of ScienceA Real-Time, Proactive Intersection Safety Monitoring and Visualization System Based on Radar Sensor Data$137,000
Steinbach Rankins, Jill PIBio-EngineeringNational Institutes of HealthUnderstanding the Host-Microtiome-Therapeutic Triad: Implications for Designing Alternative Intravaginal Delivery Platforms to Treat Bacterial Vaginosis$2,544,889
Sharon, JessicaCO-IBio-EngineeringKy. Economic Development CabinetLEAP – Louisville Entrepreneurship Acceleration Partnership$975,000
Gentili, MonicaPIIndustrial EngineeringStarboard Corp.Network Design Algorithm Development$1,656
Popa, DanPIElec & Computer EngNational Science FoundationREU Supplement: MRI: Development of a Multiscale Additive Manufacturing Instrument with Integrated 3D Printing and Robotic Assembly$8,000
Farag, AlyPIElec & Computer EngThe National Science FoundationMeasuring Student Engagement in Freshman Engineering STEM Classes$300,000
  • Foreman, James
CO-IEngineering Fundamentals
Chou, KevinPIIndustrial EngineeringNational Science FoundationTransient Thermo-Fluid Behavior in Metal Laser Power Bed Fusion Process – Exploring the Size Effect in Making Small Features$136,000
Gentili, MonicaPIIndustrial EngineeringNot PublishedNot Published$13,000
Robinson, BrianPIEngineering FundamentalsThe National Science FoundationReinvigorating Energy Teaching (RET) via Research with Engineers$599,000
  • Druffel, Thad
CO-IConn Center
  • Ghasemi Fare, Omid
CO-ICivil & Environmental Eng
  • McGinley, Mark
CO-ICivil & Environmental Eng
  • Wang, Hui
CO-IMechanical Engineering
Lian, YongshengPIMechanical EngineeringNational Science FoundationCollaborative Research: A Fundamental Study on Supercooled Large Droplets: Impacting, Splashing, Surface Water Dynamics and Ice Accretion$214,000
Richards, ChristopherPIMechanical EngineeringUniversity of Kentucky Res. Fdn.NASA KY EPSCoR: Stability Analysis and Synthesis of an Adaptive Control System with Anti-Windup Compensation for Flexible Spacecraft$108,000
Rockaway, ThomasPICivil & Environmental EngMetropolitan Sewer DistrictFY20 Performance Assessment$423,000
  • Kazemi, Hamidreza
CO-ICtr for Infrastructure Res
  • Rivard, Joshua
CO-ICtr for Infrastructure Res
Popa, DanPIElec & Computer EngUniversity of Kentucky Res. Fdn.NSF EPSCoR: RII Track-1: Kentucky Advanced Manufacturing Partnership for Enhanced Robotics and Structures$928,000
  • Altiparmak, Nihat
CO-IComp Eng. & Comp Sci.
  • Kate, Kunal
CO-IMechanical Engineering
  • Roussel, Thomas
Popa, DanPIElec & Computer EngUniversity of Kentucky Res. Fdn.SCH:INT: Adaptive Partnership for the Robotic Treatment of Autism$1,200,000
  • Welch, Karla
CO-IElec & Computer Eng
El-Baz, AymanPIBio-EngineeringU.S. Department of DefenseHybrid breath analysis.Computer assisted image processing system for Early Assessment of Lung nodule malignancy$611,000
  • Giridharan, Guruprasad
Ralston, PatriciaPIEngineering FundamentalsNational Science FoundationImplementing spaced retrieval practice across multiple STEM domains to enhance student learning in barrier courses$597,000
Nasraoui,OlfaPIComputer Science EngNational Science FoundationADVANCE: Adaptation: ATHENA: Advancement through Healthy Empowerment, Networking and Awareness at University of Louisville$1,000,000
  • Cohn, Robert
CO-IElec & Computer Eng
McCracken, ElisabethPIKy Pollution Prev CtrCommonwealth of KentuckyUniversity of Louisville Pollution Prevention Grant$35,000
Hsu, KengPIMechanical EngineeringIvaldi Group, Inc.Feasibility Study on Directed Acoustic Energy Deposition of Aluminum 6061$50,000
Narayanan, BadriPIMechanical EngineeringU.S. Department of EnergyPredictive engineering of interfaces and cathodes for high-performance all solid-state lithium-sulfur batteries$1,000,000
  • Jasinski, Jacek
CO-IConn Center
  • Wang, Hui
CO-IMechanical Engineering
  • Thapa, Arjun
CO-IConn Center
Giridharan, Guruprasad PIBio-EngineeringTDA Research, Inc.Advanced Filtration System for Serum Potassium$200,000
  • El-Baz, Ayman
Saleem, JasonPIIndustrial EngineeringCognitive Medical Systems, Inc.Human Factors Services for Cognitive Medical Systems$28,000
Soucy, PatriciaCO-IBioEngineeringNational Institutes of HealthRole of myocardin-related transcription factor signaling in proliferative vitreoretinopathy$390,000
McGinley, MarkPICivil & Environmental EngConcrete Masonry Association of CA & NVUpdating and Expansion of the Energy Information on Concrete Masonry Association of California and Nevada Website$35,000
Amini, AmirPIElec & Computer EngVarian Medical Systems, Inc.Radiomics Prediction of Clinical Outcomes in SBRT of Subjects with Non Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC)$250,000
  • Frigui, Hichem
CO-IComputer Science Eng
Lauf, AdrianPIComputer Science Eng3 Space, LLCBicycle-mounted tablet computer system$64,000
  • Elmaghraby, Adel
CO-IComputer Science Eng