Patents Awarded 2018

Aoy Tomita-Mitchell. 2018. Detecting Fetal Chromosomal Abnormalities Using Tandem Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms. Patent Number 10,081,841. issued 9/25/18.
Balaji Panchapakesan. 2018. Method And Device For Detecting Cellular Targets in Bodily Sources Using Carbon Nanotube Thin Film. Patent Number 9,926,194. issued 3/27/18.
John Naber; Robert Keynton; Douglas Jackson. 2018. Neurostimulator. Patent Number United States 9,931,508; Japan 2016-158448. issued 4/3/18 and 1/5/18.
Balaji Panchapakesan; James Loomis. 2018. Stimuli-Responsive Polymer Composits. 2018. Patent Number 10,072,129. issued 9/11/18.
Ayman El-Baz; Ahmed Soliman; Fahmi Khalifa; Mohamed Shehata. 2018. Computer Aided Diagnostic System for Classifying Kidneys. patent number 9,928,347. issued 3/27/18.
Thad Druffel; Delania Amos; Menaka Jha; Ruvini Dharmadasa. 2018. Methods For Making Copper Inks And Films. patent number 10,047,236. issued 8/14/18.
Thomas Roussel; Robert Keynton. 2018. Pre-Treatment of Samples by Electrochemical Removal of Dissolved Gases. patent number 10,058,818. issued 8/28/18.
Robert Keynton; Martin O’Toole; Dhruvinkumar Patel; Kurtis James. 2018. Method For Synthesizing Self-Assembling Nanoparticles. patent number 10,022,791. issued 7/17/18.
Michael Sharp; Brian Robinson. 2018. Heat Pipe Augmented Passive Solar Heating System. patent number 10,060,681. issued 8/28/18.