Patents Awarded 2017

Tezel, Tongalp H.; Gobin, Andrea S.; O’Toole, Martin G. 2017. Compositions and methods for reducing oxidative damage. Patent Number 9,555,054. filed 11/21/13.  issued 01/31/17.
Burdick, Joel W.; Tai, Yu-Chong; Desautels, Thomas; Nandra, Manheerej; Keynton, Robert S.; Naber, John F.; Harkema, Susan; Edgerton, V. Reggie; Gerasimenko, Yuri; Roy, Roland; Angeli, Claudia; Upchurch, Steven I.; Jackson, Douglas J.; Hodes, Jonathan. 2017. Neurostimulator. ZL201280011915.1 and 2016201541. filed and issued 3/29/17 and 9/14/17.
Sunkara, Mahendra K.; Kim, Jeong H.; Kumar, Vivekanand. 2017. Reactor and method for production of nanostructures. 9,630,162. filed 4/4/12 and issued 4/25/17.
Tavakoli, Vahid; Amini, Amir A. 2017. Combined B-mode / tissue doppler approach for improved cardiac motion estimation in echocardiographic images. 2017. 9,629,615. filed 9/8/14 and issued 4/25/17.
Fu, Xiao-An; Nantz, Michael; Bousamra, Michael. 2017. Noninvasive detection of lung cancer using exhaled breath. 9,638,695. filed 8/28/14 and issued 5/2/17.
Farag, Aly A.; Chekmenev, Sergey Y. 2017. Non-contact and passive measurement of arterial pulse through thermal IR imaging, and analysis of thermal IR imagery. 9,693,693. filed 12/19/12 and issued 7/4/17.
Mitchell, Aoy Tomita; Mitchell, Michael. 2017. Detecting fetal chromosomal abnormalities using tandem single nucleotide polymorphisms. 2,647,793. filed 2/28/07 and issued 7/5/17.
Menon, Madhu; Sheetz, Michael; Sunkara, Mahendra K.; Pendyala, Chandrashekhar; Sunkara, Swathi; Jasinski, Jacek B. 2017. Photoelectrochemical cell including Ga(Sbx)N1-x semiconductor electrode. 9,755,023. filed 9/28/12 and issued 9/5/17.