Patents Awarded 2016

El-Baz, Ayman; Nitzken, Matthew. 2016. Computer Aided Diagnostic System Incorporating Shape Analysis for Diagnosing Malignant Lung Nodules. 9,230,320. filed 03/15/13 and issued 01/05/16.
El-Baz, Ayman; Nitzken, Matthew; Casanova, Manuel. 2016. Computer Aided Diagnostic System Incorporating 3D Shape Analysis of the Brain for Identifying Developmental Brain Disorders. Patent Number 9,230,321. filed 03/15/13.  issued 01/05/16.
Giridharan, Guruprasad; Koenig, Stephen; Sobieski, Michael; Sethu, Palaniappan; Rodefeld, Mark. 2016. Systems and Methods for Providing Cavopulmonary Support. Patent Number 9,227,002. filed 06/13/14. issued 01/05/16.
McNamara, Shamus; Pharas, Kunal; Yamarthy, Chakravarthy. 2016. Thermally Driven Knudsen Pump. Patent Number 9,243,624. filed 04/17/12. issued 01/26/16.
Carreon, Moises. 2016. Method for Loading and Storing Gas in Nano-Valved Sorbents. Patent Number 9,249,934. filed 04/25/14.  issued 02/02/16.
Gobin, Andre; Patel, Dhruvinkumar; James, Kurtis; Zhang, Guandong. 2016. Method for Synthesizing Self-Assembling Nanoparticles. Patent Number 9,266,172. filed 05/15/13. issued 02/23/16.
Kang, Kyung. 2016. Anti-Nucleolin Agent-Conjugated Nanoparticles. Patent Number 9,452,219. filed 02/26/14. issued 09/27/16.
Loomis, James; McKenna, Curtis; Walsh, Kevin. 2016. Automated Generation of Mask File from Three Dimensional Model for Use in Grayscale Lithography. Patent Number 9,275,173. filed 10/24/14. issued 03/01/16.
Tomita-Mitchell, Aoy. 2016. Detecting Fetal Chromosomal Abnormalities Using Tandem Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms. Patent Number 2,647,793. filed 08/28/08. issued 07/05/16.
Tavakoli, Vahid; Amini, Amir. 2016. Multimodal Cardiac Phantom for Imaging. Patent Number 9,386,960. filed 08/06/13. issued 07/12/16.
Sunkara, Mahendra; Kumar, Vivekanand; Kim, Jeong; Clark, Ezra. 2016. Methods for Synthesizing Metal Oxide Nanowires. Patent Number 9,409,141. filed 07/14/11. issued 08/09/16.
Naber, John; Keynton, Robert; Jackson, Douglas. 2016. Spinal Stimulator Systems for Restoration of Function. Patent Number 9,409,023. filed 09/24/13. issued 08/09/16.
Willing, Gerold; Kroeger, Patrick. 2016. Recycling of Styrene Butadiene Rubber and Like Materials. Patent Number 9,458,303. filed 12/04/14. issued 10/04/16.
Metzinger, Daniel; Keynton, Robert; Cambron, Scott. 2016. Trocar Site Closure Device. Patent Number 9,463,019. filed 05/16/14. issued 10/11/16.