Be Prepared

Few college seniors have a year of work experience in their field before they graduate. But Speed School seniors do, and they also make professional connections and a name for themselves that stand out to employers.

Traditional Co-Op Track

How Superior Engineers Are Made

Speed School combines classroom curriculum with on-the-job training provided through our ACCE-accredited Co-Op Program.

As an engineering student, you’ll normally co-op with the same employer for three alternating semesters, beginning in your fifth semester of study. Upon the completion of your Bachelor’s degree, you’ll have a full year of professional work experience and a distinct advantage over engineering graduates from other universities.

The Traditional Co-Op Track is the mainstay of the Speed School Co-Op Program.

It’s the most sought-after track by students because it provides the greatest opportunity to develop in-depth engineering skills. Experience gained through this track will increase your competitiveness as a candidate for a full-time position after graduation.

Qualifications and Requirements
Learn more about the expectations you must meet.

Application Qualifications

Academic Coursework
Standard co-op prerequisites; additional coursework not required

Professional Development Activities
While none are required, we encourage you to develop leadership and communication skills through extracurricular involvement through:

Student organizations

  • Hackathons and skill-building activities
  • Connection to FirstBuild and experimental spaces
  • Service learning and international travel through ISLP and other programs
90 +

Years of cooperative education provided by Speed School and employers

250 +

Number of Speed School students receiving on-the-job experience each semester

200 +

Number of employers participating in the Co-Op Program