Co-op Report

Welcome to the Student Co-Op Report.

Click the link below to get to the form, keep reading through if you need help getting through the process.

Link to the Student Co-Op Report

When first loading the page, you’ll have no Co-Ops, click on the “New Report” button in the bottom left.




Fill out the empty form, filling it with relevant information and click save.













To start writing your Co-Op Report, click “create Co-Op Report” then “Edit Co-Op Report”

Put your answers to the sections after “Your answer here”









Close the window whenever your done editing. It auto saves to the cloud.

If you make any changes to the form click save, however you don’t have to if only editing your Co-Op report.

When you’re ready for your employer to review, click send report. This will send an email to the email you gave in the form with your report attached, and a link to the employer evaluation. If your employer thinks your report is satisfactory they should fill out the student evaluation.

After your employer has completed the evaluation, it can take up to an hour for a new button to appear in your Co-Op section to review what your employer put for your evaluation.








Link to the Student Co-Op Report