Engineer Your Career

First you decided to be an engineer. Then you determined what type of engineer you wanted to be. What’s next is getting the opportunity to work for a full year in your chosen field before you graduate.

The Internship Track

How Superior Engineers Are Made

Speed School combines classroom curriculum with on-the-job training provided through our ACCE-accredited Co-Op Program.

As an engineering student, you’ll normally co-op with the same employer for three alternating semesters, beginning in your fifth semester of study. Upon the completion of your Bachelor’s degree, you’ll have a full year of professional work experience and a distinct advantage over engineering graduates from other universities.

The Internship Track provides you with a self-directed cooperative education experience that matches your specific career interest.

Qualifications and Requirements
Learn more about the expectations you must meet.

Application Qualifications

  • Pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Engineering
  • Have not completed any co-op or internship rotations
  • 3.0 minimum GPA
  • Current resume

Experiential Activities
Complete at least one of the following CORE cooperative education experiences:

  • Engineering internship in an industry setting
  • Engineering internship in a research setting

Each of the following SUPPORTING experiential education experiences can be used as one rotation, and each experience can only be used once:

  • Entrepreneurial placement in a start-up company (with faculty advisor)
  • Leadership role with a hands-on engineering student team (30 hours a week, unpaid)
  • International engineering experience (paid or unpaid full-time work for one semester)
  • Non-traditional experience in Medicine or Law
  • Any additional CORE experience
90 +

Years of cooperative education provided by Speed School and employers

250 +

Number of Speed School students receiving on-the-job experience each semester

200 +

Number of employers participating in the Co-Op Program