ECE 220 Network Analysis I

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3 credit hours
Prerequisite: PHYS 299 (Introductory Electricity, Magnetism, and Light) and ENGR 201 (Engineering Analysis III)
Prerequisite or Corequisite: ENGR 205 (Differential Equations for Engineering)
Corequisite: ECE 221 (Network Analysis I Lab)
Enrollment restricted to Electrical and Computer Engineering students only, or with permission of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department Chair. Topics include basic circuit laws, circuit solving methods, independent and dependent sources, resistance, inductance, capacitance, introduction to operational amplifiers, Thevenin's Theorem, superposition, first and second order circuits, power, energy, AC circuit analysis using impedance, phasors, and the power triangle, balanced three-phase power, and critical thinking.

Note: Tablet PC required.

Instructor: Dr. Karla C. Welch, Room 448, Lutz Hall, 852-3622

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* Lesson 1 Basic Elements and Circuit Laws
* Lesson 2 Resistors in Series and Parallel
* Lesson 3 Circuit Solving with Kirchhoff's Laws
* Lesson 4 The Node Voltage Method
* Lesson 5 The Mesh Current Method
* Lesson 6 Thevenin's Theorem, Maximum Power Transfer, and Superposition
* Lesson 7 Inductors and Capacitors and Their Uses
* Lesson 8 First Order Systems
* Lesson 9 Second Order Systems
* Lesson 10 Sinusoids, Complex Numbers, and Periodic Waves
* Lesson 11 AC Circuits
* Lesson 12 Power in AC Circuits
* Lesson 13 Operational Amplifiers and Three-Phase Power
* Lesson 14 Electrical Safety
* All Lessons Composite of all 14 lessons