ECE 252 Introduction to Electrical Engineering

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Course Objectives/Outcomes: Students who complete thiscourse will be able to:

1. Identify the principal elements of electrical circuits.
2. State and apply basic circuit laws.
3. Apply basic circuit analysis techniques using dependent and independent sources.
4. Use Thevenin and Norton equivalent circuits in circuit analysis.
5. Use the principle of superposition to calculate the voltages and currents in circuits.
6. Identify the components of sinusoidal voltages and currents.
7. Set up and solve equations that include complex numbers.
8. Calculate voltages, currents, and impedances in AC circuits using sinusoidal steady-state analysis.
9. Calculate real, reactive, and apparent power in AC circuits and networks.
10. Analyze balanced three-phase systems.
11. Analyze and design simple RC high-pass and low-pass filter circuits.
12. Analyze resonant circuits.
13. Identify, describe, and apply components of digital and computer circuits, including A/D converters, three-state buffers, D flip-flops, and RAM.
14. Analyze simple circuits containing diodes, LEDs, BJTs, FETs, and simple integrated circuits.
15. Analyze and design basic operational amplifier circuits.
16. Select an appropriate battery type (primary, secondary, Ni-Cd, etc.) for a given application.
17. Analyze simple transformer circuits.
18. Apply various sensors (light, temperature, strain, etc.) and correctly consider sensor impedance in circuit design and analysis.
19. Recognize the various motor types (DC, AC, induction, stepper, synchronous, etc.) and their applications.
20. Apply rules of safety when working on electrical circuits.

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